This Natural Herbal Remedy is infused with Calendula petals and Lavender.


  • Soothes and heals cuts, grazes, rashes and sore, chapped, irritated skin problems (see list below)
  • Excellent Lip Balm / Salve
  • 100% natural, nourishing and protecting
  • Contains organic Calendula, Lavender, Coconut and Castor Oil
  • Soft, easy to apply ointment
  • Gentle and Effective for all ages 0-100+
  • A little goes a long way
  • Handmade in Wales, UK
  • Vegetarian and Cruelty free
  • Free from parabens, aluminium, alcohol, phthalates, propylene-glycol, GM ingredients, toxic chemicals.


Soothes and heals nappy rash, hives, bed sores, mild burns, insect bites, cuts, grazes, wounds, stitches, frostbite, irritation, fresh tattoos, eczema, psoriasis, chapped lips & hands, dermatitis, fungal Infections, athletes foot, infant erythema, sunburn, spider and varicose veins, leg ulcers, chilblains, hemorrhoids...the list is ever increasing.

Calendula Healing Salve and Lip Balm

  • Your skin needs to breathe to heal properly so don’t apply a thick coat. You’re better off using a thin layer often.

    • General directions: Always wash your hands before applying the salve. After that, apply a thin layer to affected areas and as often as needed. Always cleanse the area first with any one of our natural organic soaps/washes. Rinse & pat dry, then apply a thin layer of our calendula cream to the affected area, three times a day or as required.
    • Tattoo Aftercare Salve: All you need to do is to moisturise your skin and keep it clean. We make our calendula healing salve with efficient and moisturising ingredients. To help heal your new tattoo, just apply a thin layer three times a day for approximately a week.


    ZERO WASTE – this product comes in fully reusable/recyclable packaging and wrapping.

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