100% Pure Soil Association Certified Organic


  • Natural Remedy for Eczema, Itchy Skin, Psoriasis, Hormonal Acne, Open/Large Pores.
  • Uplifting, Tension Relieving Rose Geranium aromatherapy
  • Anti-aging, antibacterial, antifungal, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory
  • Apply diluted or try the products listed below that contain this oil in the recommended amount.  


New Dawn products in the Rose Geranium range:  

  • Soap for face, body and hair
  • Rich Cream for dry skin
  • Light Cream for all other skin types
  • Shampoo & Gel Wash for face, body and hair
  • Hair Conditioner
  • Wash for face, hands and body
  • Natural Deodorant


Organic Rose Geranium Essential Oil

  • The best geranium oil I have ever used.


    Lovely scent works wonders for hormones!


    Soothing itchy skin, redness! My jawline hormonal acne getting better already


    Smells like Turkish Delight!!


    Beautiful fragrant oil, nice coloured bottle too.




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