• Gentle and effective cleanser bar for face, body and hair.
  • Natural Remedy for Eczema, Itchy Skin, Psoriasis, Hormonal Acne, Open/Large Pores.
  • Uplifting, Tension Relieving Rose Geranium aromatherapy.
  • Anti-aging, antibacterial, antifungal, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory.
  • Certified Organic Ingredients - over 72%  
  • Vegan
  • No Animal Testing
  • Free From Sulphates, Parabens, GMO, Perfume, Colours, Propylene Glycol.  


This organic soap has the scent of roses with a slightly citrus edge. Rose Geranium essential oil is added to Aloe Vera and Glycerine to make this bar a wonderful cleanser for your face as well as your body and hair. It naturally hydrates while it cleanses leaving your skin and hair soft and glowing with health.


Works well with Rose Geranium -

  • Rich Cream for dry skin or
  • Light Cream for normal, combination or oily skin
  • Shampoo & Gel Wash for face, body and hair
  • Hair Conditioner
  • Essential oil
  • Natural Deodorant 

Rose Geranium Soap

  • 'I have suffered with psoriasis for 20 yrs. This product sooths immediately.'


    'The Rose Geranium Cleanser bar AMAZING! I have psoriasis and eczema, Cleared in 2 days A+'


    'My jawline hormonal acne getting better already!!'

    'Lovely aroma! Smells like Rose Turkish Delight!!'