This is no ordinary wash...far from it. It contains 99+% natural and 82+% organic ingredients which includes a large percentage of organic essential oil ('Unscented' contains no essential oil) which, added to it's Glycerine base makes it deeply cleansing without drying and wonderful for normal skin as well as all kinds of different skin conditions. You may find you don't need a moisturiser but if you do try a Rich one for dry skin or a Light one for all other skin types.

FREE FROM ALL NASTIES LIKE: Sulphate / SLS, Parabens, Perfume, Colours, Propylene Glycol.


 Save money and our earth! - details on our 'Sustainable Living' page. 

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  • We receive amazing customer feedback on many skin and hair conditions but everyone is unique and will react positively to one or two particular ranges more so than the others. Click here to find a sample pack for your skin and hair condition.