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How to get rid of Keratosis Pilaris naturally?

How to get rid of Keratosis Pilaris naturally?

Let's talk about Keratosis Pilaris (KP), sometimes called "chicken skin". If you've ever dealt with those pesky, rough bumps on your skin, you know the struggle is real. It's like your skin decided to throw a tiny rebellion, leaving you feeling frustrated and, let's face it, a tad self-conscious. But fear not! Amidst the maze of skincare products promising miracles, there's a natural hero emerging. Say goodbye to harsh chemicals and costly procedures and hello to a gentle, natural, more effective solution.

In this blog we will cover:

  • What is Keratosis Pilaris?
  • What are the symptoms of KP?
  • How to get rid of Keratosis Pilaris naturally?
  • What are the best natural products for Keratosis Pilaris?
  • Tips for using natural tea tree products to treat KP

What is Keratosis Pilaris?

Keratosis Pilaris, can present itself as a formidable challenge, often stemming from a combination of genetic predisposition, dry skin, and a buildup of keratin. This perfect storm manifests as those tiny, rough bumps that seem to pop up uninvited. Beyond the physical discomfort, KP can take a toll on your self-esteem and overall quality of life. Constantly worrying about the appearance of your skin can chip away at confidence and make simple tasks, like choosing what to wear, feel like a daunting challenge. That's why finding suitable treatment options is crucial, not just for smoother skin, but for reclaiming that sense of comfort and confidence in your own skin.

Keratosis Pilaris Symptoms

What are the symptoms of KP?

Understanding the symptoms of Keratosis Pilaris is crucial for accurate diagnosis and appropriate management of this common skin condition. KP manifests as small, rough bumps on the skin, typically on the arms, Legs, thighs, buttocks, and sometimes on the face. These bumps may be flesh-coloured, red, or brown, and they often have a rough texture resembling sandpaper. KP can also cause itchiness, especially in dry conditions or during winter months. In some cases, the affected areas may become inflamed, leading to redness and irritation. While KP is usually harmless and asymptomatic, the appearance of the bumps can cause self-consciousness and discomfort for those affected. 

How to get rid of Keratosis Pilaris naturally?

Tea tree essential oil is a powerful natural remedy for Keratosis Pilaris boasting antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and exfoliating prowess. This botanical powerhouse isn't just a trendy addition to your skincare routine, it's a game-changer for tackling KP. Its antimicrobial properties work wonders in combating bacteria lurking within the skin's pores, while its anti-inflammatory nature calms irritation and reduces redness, providing much-needed relief for those frustrating bumps. Moreover, tea tree oil's gentle exfoliating action helps slough off dead skin cells, unclogging pores and smoothing the skin's surface, making it an enticing prospect for anyone seeking an effective treatment for KP.

Keratosis Pilaris om arm

What are the best natural products for Keratosis Pilaris?

    Organic Tea Tree Soap with Poppy Seeds: A Gentle Cleansing Solution:

    Organic tea tree soap offers a myriad of benefits for individuals dealing with Keratosis Pilaris. This is due to its gentle yet effective cleansing and exfoliating properties. Unlike harsher soaps that can strip away natural oils and exacerbate KP symptoms, tea tree soap delicately cleanses the skin without causing excessive dryness or irritation. The antibacterial properties inherent in tea tree essential oil play a pivotal role in managing KP by preventing infections and soothing inflamed bumps. Additionally, the inclusion of poppy seeds in the soap formula provides gentle exfoliation, helping to slough off dead skin cells and unclog pores. Also, regular use of tea tree soap can help reduce the redness and discomfort associated with KP promoting smoother healthier skin over time. 

    For optimal results incorporate tea tree soap into your daily skincare routine. Use it once a day during their daily shower or bath, gently massaging the soap onto damp skin, paying particular attention to areas affected by KP.


    Organic Tea Tree Cream: Nourishing and Hydrating:

    Introducing organic tea tree cream as a moisturising solution for Keratosis Pilaris (KP) offers a holistic approach to managing this common skin condition. Enriched with tea tree essential oil and other nourishing ingredients like aloe vera and shea butter, this cream provides essential hydration to the skin while simultaneously harnessing the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of tea tree oil. By deeply moisturising the skin, tea tree cream helps to reduce dryness and alleviate the rough patches associated with KP, leaving the skin feeling smoother and more supple. Incorporating tea tree cream into a daily skincare routine, especially after showering or bathing when the skin is most receptive to the hydrating and nourishing ingredients, can yield noticeable improvements in KP over time.



        Tips for using natural tea tree products to treat KP:

          • Before incorporating any new products into your skincare routine, it's important to conduct a 24 hour patch test to ensure compatibility with your unique skin and minimise the risk of potential irritation or allergic reactions.
          • When cleansing, it's advisable to use warm water rather than hot water, as hot water can cause further irritation to the skin, especially for conditions like Keratosis Pilaris.
          • Moisturise regularly, avoiding harsh exfoliants, to protect the skin from harsh weather conditions.
          • Consistency is key when using tea tree products to manage KP symptoms, as regular application can help maintain skin health and minimise flare-ups.
          •  This is not a quick fix and it may take a little time to see noticeable improvements in KP symptoms.


          KP Sample Pack


          Numerous individuals have shared their positive experiences using organic tea tree soap and cream to manage Keratosis Pilaris (KP), offering inspiring testimonials and personal anecdotes. Whether it's achieving smoother skin or boosting confidence levels, these stories serve as a reminder that there are options available for managing KP, and with perseverance and the right approach, positive results can be achieved.

          By prioritising natural ingredients and gentle but effective formulations, organic tea tree soap and cream provide a daily holistic solution for managing KP and promoting healthy skin without causing further irritation.

          Your journey is unique, and though KP may present challenges, remember that there are options available to help you achieve smooth healthy skin.


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