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Refillable Skin and Hair Care

Refillable Skin and Hair Care

Why throw away a bottle when you can reuse it? The popularity of refillable products is steadily increasing. More of us are becoming aware of the advantages to our environment and our bank balance.

This blog highlights the benefits of transitioning to refillable products and the solutions New Dawn provides to ensure a seamless and affordable way to embrace sustainability and enjoy the savings it provides.

Using refillable products is:

1. Good value for money

2. Environmentally friendly

3. Convenient and accessible

Why are refillable products good value?

Refillable products offer long-term cost effectiveness due to their reusable nature. By refilling you can avoid the recurring expense of paying for the container. Additionally, refillable options often come in larger quantities at proportionally lower prices.

As an example: *Our 1L Patchouli Shampoo & Gel Wash costs £44 to purchase and provides 4 refills for our 250ml bottles making each refill £11, saving you a whopping £19.40. There is the same saving on all our organic Shampoo & Gel Washes and organic Liquid Soaps/Washes. There's a saving of £20.40 on our organic Hair Conditioner and £28.40 on our Light Creams!

It's all about sustainability.

In the UK alone we use 7.7 billion plastic bottles per year. That’s an average of 117 bottles per person, per year. Despite a ‘War on Plastic’ we recycle just 45% of plastics in total. That means 55% of all our plastic waste ends up in landfill, or the ocean.

Having done our research we believe that our 1 Litre and 5 Litre containers are the most eco-friendly way of containing skin and hair care products:

  • They are made using recycled plastic.
  • They have the strength to be refilled many times.
  • One bottle does so many jobs really well. Our Shampoo & Gel Wash has ingredients that work wonders on your face as well as your body and hair.
  • One bottle of Light Cream beautifully moisturises your face, hands and body and makes a wonderful Aftersun lotion. I have even used it very successfully as a hair conditioner.
  • One bottle of Hair Conditioner not only conditions your hair but your skin too when you use it for shaving.
  • Plastic has a lower environmental footprint than glass, cartons and aluminium.

When you choose to refill you are contributing to the conservation of our planet's natural resources and helping minimize the environmental impact associated with manufacturing, packaging and disposing of single-use items.

We believe, the fact that the products inside our containers are organic has to make your decision to refill them, the most sustainable choice you can make. 

How are they convenient and accessible?

By embracing refillable products, you can enjoy the convenience of easily replenishing supplies of products that work well for you without having to search for and purchase new items each time. Not only that but, as explained above you have the convenience of only having to buy one product to do several skin and hair care jobs really well.

About our refill service

To use our refill service you will need to purchase a 1 Litre or 5 Litre container of your favourite product. If you don't already have small bottles to fill, our Sustainable Living Packs are a good place to start. Once your container is empty, select this size option 'I will send my clean 1000ml / 5000ml bottle to be refilled' to get your New Dawn refilled. There are more details when you scroll down our Sustainable Living page. You can then easily refill your smaller bottles or use the product straight from the 1 or 5 Litre container. For even easier dispensing see our re-usable 'Easy Refilling Options'.


Here are some of our most popular refillable products.


Join the refill revolution with our simple refill service!

*Prices correct at date of publishing 07/06/23

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