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Natural Cream Deodorant For Sensitive Skin - Unscented and Bicarbonate free


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100% Natural Cream Deodorant for Extra Sensitive Skin in plastic free tin - 70% organic - Free from Bicarbonate & Essential Oil. Made in the UK.

  • Free from parabens, aluminium, alcohol, phthalates, propylene-glycol, GM ingredients, toxic chemicals.
  • Neutralises odour fast
  • Absorbs moisture and nourishes skin
  • Soft, easy to apply and very fast absorbing  
  • Invisible after application. Does not stain your clothes
  • Gentle and Effective for men and women
  • A little goes a long way
  • Handmade in Wales, UK
  • Vegan 
  • Cruelty free
  • Mild earthy, nutty aroma of Shea Butter

I'm a little obsessed with natural deodorants because it's the one thing people use every single day and on such a delicate area - a direct pathway into our lymph nodes. So, having developed a sensitivity rash to the bicarbonate in our original one, research began on a new natural deodorant with all the benefits of the original but without the bicarb. We discovered the natural powers of the mineral called Magnesium and after months of research, development and testing on my own skin and others this amazing product was born!

Rash Free! - I have been using this deodorant for years and I'm completely rash free and enjoying the benefits of the extra boost of Magnesium (see benefits below) 

"Both parabens and aluminium are 'estrogenic' chemicals - meaning they interact with your body's hormones or cells in ways similar to estrogen. That's concerning, because excess estrogen plays a role in promoting the growth of cancer cells, according to the National Cancer Institute, Time magazine reported in a story about the potentially harmful ingredients found in deodorants. While studies are still ongoing regarding the safety of these chemicals, servicing your underarms is one of those duties where it's better to be safe than sorry.