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Exfoliating Pads


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Exfoliating Scrub Pads for Face and Body x 2

We fell in love with these Eco Friendly and Sustainable Scrubbies as soon as we began using them. They are multi-sided, reusable, all-natural exfoliating cloths with funky lovable animal designs. Use 2-3 times a week, along with any of our soaps to create the best exfoliating face wash money can buy.

  • Removes dirt, impurities, and dead skin cells
  • Promotes clearer, healthier, brighter skin.
  • Increases circulation and cell turnover to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Naturally Antibacterial, unclogs pores, prevents breakouts
  • Improves the absorption of moisturisers so ideal for Dry Skin
  • Fully Compostable 
  • Soft 100% Organic Cotton printed with eco-friendly dyes
  • 100% Organic Cotton Thread (very important - polyester thread doesn't biodegrade!) 
  • Bamboo Lining, Hessian Backed
  • Handmade in Wales, UK

Size and design:

Approx 14cm x 11cm. Two Scrubbies per pack. They come to us in mixed designs so they may vary to those pictured - but don't worry, we only pick the best ones :) If there's one you really don't want just add a note to your basket ;)


There are 2 x scrubbies in a pack so, ideally throw them in the wash once a week, up to 40°C. Once they are all scrubbed out, simply chop them up and compost. They will naturally biodegrade.