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Tell us about your Hair/Scalp Concern(s)...and we'll do the rest!


Natural Organic Hair Care - Samples selected especially for you.  


If you would like us to select what we think might be the best ranges for you to try for your particular hair or scalp concern, this Sample Pack is for you...      


  • From all the drop down menu choose which product types you'd like in your Sample Pack and which sizes.
  • If you want to change your selection at any time just refresh the page first.   
  • Click on 'Add to cart'
  • You'll see your cart pop up and in your cart there's a box headed 'Add a note to your order'. Please give us as much detail as possible about the concern(s) including what it looks and feels like, your age and approximately how long you have had the concern.
  • We will select products from the ranges that we consider to be the best for you to trial and get your pack to you quickly, often the next working day. Your concern doesn't have to be scalp/hair related, it could be an emotional concern eg. stress, tension, hormonal imbalance.
  • Please follow the instructions on the leaflet(s) that come with your pack(s) making sure that you do the 24 hour patch test as instructed before trying on your hair.


We are not experts but will consider all the anecdotal evidence that we have gathered from all the customer feedback we have received since 2003 (the year New Dawn was founded) and select the range that we feel might help the most from what you have told us.


Obviously nothing can be guaranteed and our sample sizes are only meant to test your skin's tolerance to the ingredients. However, quite often our samples last long enough to see the beginnings of some positive improvement. Either way, you can then order larger sizes with confidence, having tested small sizes at a smaller cost.  


Everyone's hair/scalp is unique so if you would like to try several different ranges just up the quantity of bespoke packs you order and we will select the most popular ranges for your particular concern(s).