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Sun Protection - Sustainable Living Pack

Sustainable Living
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100% natural marine-safe sun care for all the family!

Save the earth and money too!

This pack contains the largest best value sizes of Aftersun and Sunscreen plus smaller sizes to decant into. Handy for travel and home:

1 Litre refillable refill bottle of Aftersun / Lavender Light Cream

250ml (with pump) and 100ml empty bottles for you to keep refilling at home.

  • Attachment spout to make refilling the bottles easy  
  • 100ml Shade Sunscreen
  • 15ml Shade Sunscreen


When your 1 Litre bottle is empty you can send it back to us to be refilled for you to decant again. You'll receive a £5 voucher to reimburse you for postage and packing. Our containers are so strong you can do this hundreds of times and even after that they are all widely recyclable!


When your 15ml travel/handbag size tin is empty just refill from your 100ml tin.