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How to make your own perfume with essential oils

How to make your own perfume with essential oils

If, like me, your skin is intolerant to commercial perfumes, creating your own fragrance with essential oils offers an enticing solution and it's really fun too! Crafting your own perfume allows for a personalised scent that not only smells beautiful but also provides an aromatherapy experience. With a range of essential oils to choose from, you can tailor your perfume to suit your preferences and needs, whether it's for relaxation, invigoration, or simply to express your unique style. Embracing homemade perfumery not only offers a delightful olfactory journey but also empowers you to embrace natural ingredients and their therapeutic benefits.

Things you will need for making your own perfume

Making perfume with natural organic essential oils is really easy. All you will need is a glass roll on bottle, one lightweight carrier oil and an essential oil.

  • 15 drops of your favourite essential oil
  • A light carrier oil ( not too greasy )

Essential oils, extracted from plants, offer amazing benefits for both body and mind. Just a small amount goes a long way due to their concentration. Remember to dilute them before use and avoid applying them directly to the skin.

What carrier oil is best for essential oil perfume?

The ideal choice is fractionated coconut oil, although it's a tad pricey and not readily available. Sweet almond oil, grapeseed oil, sunflower oil, tomato seed oil, or safflower oil are excellent alternatives.

How to create your own perfume

  1. Choose the essential oil / oils you want to try and add to the bottle.
  2. Next fill the remainder of the bottle with your chosen carrier oil.
  3. Shake and apply. I like to apply a bit on my wrists, behind my ears, or on my neck. I also like to roll some onto the palms of my hands, cup my hands over my nose and take a few deep long breathes.

Tailor it to match your preferences and current mood. Feel free to explore and experiment!

Natural Perfume

My favourite essential oil perfume combinations are:

Energizing - Lemongrass (10 drops ) + Tea Tree ( 5 drops )

Relaxing - Lavender ( 5 drops ) + Rose Geranium ( 10 drops )

Balancing - Lavender ( 8 drops ) + Patchouli ( 7 drops )

Anti-Anxiety - Ylang Ylang ( 15 drops )

Tension Headache Relieving - Lemongrass ( 9 drops ) + Peppermint ( 6 drops )

I prefer using organic essential oils because they are free from synthetic additives and pesticides, promoting a healthier lifestyle and enhancing overall well-being.

Bellow is a handy printable recipe card you can pop on the fridge!

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